Variety Distribution

Antropophagus 2

Directed by Dario Germani

The Commando

Directed by Asif Akbar


Directed by Britt Napier

Mad World

Directed by Paul Tanter

Devil’s Gate

Directed by Clay Staub


Directed by Michael Nell


Directed by Aaron Fjellman

Back To The Present

Directed by Toni Fornari & Andrea Maia

Too Much Family

Directed by Pierluigi Di Lallo

Fulci Talks

Directed by Anonietta De Lillo

Tener A Mente

Directed by Gino Bianchi


Directed by Claudio Bonivento

The Big Jump

Directed by Giorgio Tirabassi

7 Minutes

Directed by Michele Placido

Io, Arlecchino

Directed by Matteo Bini

The Company

Variety Distribution is a Rome based company having decades of experience in world wide film distribution. It licenses theatrical, home video and TV rights of films being part of a wide and prestigious library including over 1000 titles – produced between the 30s’ and recent years – which represent a large part of the Italian film heritage made by paramount directors such as Mario Bava, Alessandro Blasetti, Mario Monicelli, Giuliano Montaldo, Ermanno Olmi, Steno and starring the most famous Italian and international actors including Gino Cervi, Alain Delon, Vittorio De Sica, Aldo Fabrizi, Jean Gabin, Vittorio Gassman, Klaus Kinski, Christopher read more...