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23 November 2022


Antropophagus 2 at Trieste Science Fiction Festival

Antropophagus 2 participated in the Trieste Science Fiction Festival festival in the “Spazio Italia” section.

A festival that is now in its 22nd edition and every year involves Italian and international productions of the horror and science fiction genre. Since 2000, it has been considered “the” Italian science fiction festival par excellence, with an audience of true fans who usually welcome the beginning of each screening with the traditional shout “photon rays.”

This is how the festival catalog tells about Antropophagus 2

A return to the bloodiest horror movie! More than forty years after the release of the cult movie Anthropophagus by the legendary Joe D’Amato comes the sequel where an adventure turns into the worst nightmare ever. University students are convinced by their teacher to live inside a bunker for 24 hours to acquire information for their atomic theses. A sinister caretaker accompanies them to the fetid improvised dormitory. But during the night two disappear and soon the survivors are sucked into a deadly vortex concocted by the madness of a ferocious anthropophagus who, with unprecedented violence, disfigures and devours them.

And on the director Dario Germani tells:

As a DoP, he is credited in almost 60 films. As a director, he debuted in 2016 with Quel venerdì 30 dicembre(2016). He then directed Ninna Nanna (2017), Lettera H (2019) and Paradosso contraddittorio (2021). In 2022, alongside Antropophagus II, he shot The Slaughter – La mattanza. He is currently in post-production with The Long Night of the Dead and Do Ut Des.


It was a very successful screening, with several minutes of applause in the hall in the presence of Pierpaolo Marcelli, head of Flat Parioli.


Pierpaolo Marcelli