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Genre Sex comedy

My Wife Goes Back To School
Would You Borrow Me Your Wife?
Where Can You Go Without The Little Vice
Naked Sicilian Wife
Here’s Silver Tongue
Vote Of Chastity
Smoocher (the)
Adolescent (the)
Lady Doctor Under The Sheet (the)
Love Clinic
Language Teacher
What A Doctor, Boys!
Morsel (the)
Hot In The Province
Family Vices
My Dear Nephews
Intimate Relation
Lovely Shake (a)
Provincial Mischief
Monk From Velletri (the)
Nephew (the)
Forbidden Dreams Of A Country Parson
Everything You Always Wanted To Know….
Inconsolable Widow Thanks All…..(the)
Women And Magic Together With Satanasso
Cast Out Your Devil..
Forbidden Games Of Peter From Arezzo (the)
Poppea, A Prostitute Serving The Empire