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Genre Western

Boast (The)
Ten White Men And A Little Indian
Western Kid (the)
Bandoleros Of The Last Hour..
Django Adios
Thunder Over El Paso
God Is My Colt
Animal Called Man (an)
His Name Was Sam Wallash.. But They Called Amen
Great Chihuativa Treasure (the)
Black Killer
West Of Sacramento
They Call Him Cemetery
One Gun A Hundred Graves
You keep the bounty money.. I'll kill him
Reverend Colt
Vamos A Matar Companeros
More Dollars For The Mc Gregor
Have A Good Funeral, My Friend
Joe, Find Yourself A Place To Die
This Man Cannot Die
Dirty Fifteen (the)
Duel In The Eclipse
I’ll Die For Vengeance
Six Bounty Killers At Massacre
One More In Hell