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7 September 2022

Mia Market 2022

MIA Market 2022 is the first Italian market which puts together all segments of the audiovisual industry (Film | Drama | Doc). It gathers over 1,500 professionals from 58 countries, establishing itself as a prestigious platform for the national and international audiovisual industry, aimed at producers and distributors of high-end content. MIA is a project conceived and implemented by ANICA and APA (Association of Audiovisual Producers) and supported by, among others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ICE (Agency for the Promotion Abroad and Internationalization of Italian Companies).

The seventh edition of MIA Market 2022 will be held in Rome from October 11 to 15, 2022.

Variety Distribution will be present with its own stand at Palazzo Barberini and with a virtual stand on the MIA online portal, with the movies “The Last of Us” (2022 – directed by Giorgio Bruno) and “Anthropophagus 2” (2022 – directed by Dario Germani).


🔗 The last of us on Variety Distribution’s catalogue

🔗 Antropohagus 2 on Variety Distribution’s catalogue

▶️ Antropohagus 2 official trailer

Stand: Palazzo Barberini

Market Screenings:
Antropophagus 2
The last of us