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Genre Adventure

College girls of St. Cyr (The)
Last Buccaneers (the)
Red Pirate’s Son (the)
Trader In Slave-girls (the)
Montecristo’s Revenge
Buried Alive
Montecristo Island (the)
Felipe de Jesus
Queen’s Musketeers
Angel In The Crowd (an)
Cayman (the)
Tavern Of Freedom (the)
Cheri Bibi
Golden falcon (The)
Rommel's treasure
Giovanni dalle bande nere
Invincible Sword (the)
Exploits of a legendary sword
Zoras the rebel
Two Savages At Court
King’s Orders (the)
Cossacks (the)
Conqueror Of The East (the)
Three Musketeers (The)
Soldiers Of Fortune
Corsican Brothers (the)
Suleiman The Conqueror
Black Lancers (the)
Sacred Crown (the)
Michelle Strogoff's Triumph