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Genre Adventure

Sword Of Damascus
Mysterious Mr. Van Eyck (the)
Encountered fires
Cosmo 2000 – War In The Space
White Fang and the solitary hunt
Amazons For Love And War
Soldiers Of Fortune
Corsican Brothers (the)
Scaramouche’s Adventures (the)
Three Musketeers (The)
Golden falcon (The)
For A Handful Of Gold (tarzak)
Tarzak and the leopard men
Black Tulip
Count Of Montecristo
Karzan, Master Of The Jungle
Trader In Slave-girls (the)
Even Angels Like Beans
Sacred Crown (the)
Ali’ Baba’ And Seven Saracens
Two Savages At Court
Fire throne
Exploits of a legendary sword
College girls of St. Cyr (The)
King’s Orders (the)
Great Rebel (the)
Black Lancers (the)
Slave Girls Of Sheeba (the)