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Genre Drama

Dupre’ Crime (the)
Betrothed (the)
Heaven Weeps
Eyes Without Light
Naked Odyssey
Bachelor Flat (the)
Senseless Day (a)
Owner Of The Iron-foundry (the)
Story Of A Poor Young Man (the)
Never Ending Love (a)
House On The River (the)
Goodbye Forever!
Island Of The Lonely Women (the)
Return To Life
Horizon In Flames
Salem Virgins
They Will Be Men
Law Accuses Me (the)
Hurricane On The River Po
Song, A Guitar And A Little Moonlight.. (a)
Adriana Lecouvreur
Carrier (the)
Black Angels
Expulsion Order
Heartfelt Song
Great Goodbye (the)
Madonna Of The Roses
Orphan Of The Ghetto (the)