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Toto’ And Marcellino
Magnificent Three (the)
Two Against All
Two Bullfighters
Heroes Of The West (the)
Comedy Italian Style
Seduced And Swindled
Two Escapees From Sing-sing (the)
Texas Twins
For A Fistful Of Nothing
Two Sanculotti (the)
How To Burgle The Bank Of Italy
Long, The Short, The Cat (the)
Sons Of Ringo (the)
Zorro’s Nephews
Satyricon Plus
Two Most Crazy Cars Of The World (the)
Soccer Wizards (the)
Dollar Of Funk (a)
Two Boxing Champions (the)
What A Music, Maestro
Scroundels (the)
Sergeant Rompiglioni
Inheritance Of His Good Uncle (the)
Franco And Ciccio Superstar
Avenger Strikes At Noon (the)
Sergeant Rompiglioni Becomes Corporal