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Genre Comedy

Last tango in Zagarol
Love and sensuality
And supposing, one fine morning
Trade Unionist (the)
Godson (The)
Bride for Mao (A)
So Long Gulliver
Playgirl 70
Triumph of chaste Susanna (The)
Hundred girls for a playboy (A)
Stealing the treasure is not right
Lady Desire'
Get Safe.. who's able
Dismissed On His Wedding Night
Velvet hand (The)
Holiday on the snow
Sweet sine of sexy Susan (The)
How To Steal A Quintal Od Diamonds In Russia
I can read it in your eyes
School of virgins
It's midnight.. throw out the corpse
Vagrant hero
Summer (the)
Fake respect (The)
Soldiers and caporals
Money factory
Devil's tail (The)
Comedy Italian style
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