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From New York: Mafia Kills!
Golden Car
Nick Carter Doesn’t Forget
Mysterious Mr. Van Eyck (the)
Extraordinary Conqueror (the)
Challenge Comes From Bangkok (the)
Scourge of the barbarians (The)
Slave Girls Of Sheeba (the)
Indians Towards The North – West
Last of the gladiators (The)
Zorikan, The Exterminator
Sword Of Damascus
Black Tulip
Scaramouche’s Adventures (the)
Great Rebel (the)
Black Lancers (the)
Sacred Crown (the)
Michelle Strogoff's Triumph
Count Of Montecristo
Soldiers Of Fortune
Corsican Brothers (the)
Suleiman The Conqueror
Conqueror Of The East (the)
Three Musketeers (The)
Cossacks (the)
Zoras the rebel
Two Savages At Court
King’s Orders (the)
Invincible Sword (the)